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Social Security

Social Security“There are more than 2,700 rules in Social Security’s handbook. It’s enough to make you want to give up on ever figuring out the best choices to make for your retirement.”

“Spousal benefits are the most overlooked Social Security benefits… $10 billion in spousal benefits go unclaimed in America every year.” – USA Today

Many retirees don’t maximize their Social Security retirement benefits because they start them at the wrong time or overlook more sophisticated claiming strategies.

A couple that is strategic about when and how it files can boost its lifelong benefits by as much as $100,000 compared with what the spouses would get if both simply took benefits at 62 whether you are married, divorced, widowed, or single.

We can help you decide when and how to collect retiree, spousal, survivor, divorcee, parent, and child benefits to achieve the highest lifetime benefits.

How We Can Help You

  • Showing you and Your Spouse exactly when to file, what to file, and how to file.
  • We simplify the 2,728 rules for you into a simple plan to maximize your benefits.
  • Speak one-on-one with a Social Security Advisor to ensure your questions are answered.

Why Most Americans Need Guidance

  • The Social Security Administration Is Prohibited from providing advice.
  • 70% of Americans do not maximize their benefits (on average, each couple leaves $120,000 on the table.
  • Social Security is complicated. Making the right decision can heavily impact your retirement.

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Will I be required to give you my social security number?

Generally, no. We will only need your Social Security number if your situation is exceptionally unique and we need to gather more information in order to assist you further. In these cases, you have the right to refuse to provide your Social Security number at any time.

Can’t I just ask the Social Security Administration for free what I should do?

No. By law, they are not allowed to provide you with specific recommendations based on your personal and unique circumstances. It is critical that your filing for Social Security benefits is coordinated with the numerous personal and financial variables that need to be considered in making your decision.

You can obtain a great deal of general information from the Social Security Administration; they are a wonderful resource and they perform an important service administering Social Security on behalf of the American people. What they cannot provide is detailed and accurate advice–advice that is geared towards your specific circumstances and objectives to maximize your Social Security benefits.

I already work with a financial advisor; why should I seek advice from you in addition or instead?

The bottom line is that Social Security is complex. The truth is that most financial advisors are not properly trained in the nuances and complicated rules-over 2,700 of them-that are contained within Social Security’s Program Operations Manual System.
In general, it is a great idea to work with a financial advisor, however when it comes to Social Security it is important that you make sure that you are receiving the best advice possible.